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Legal representative and GDPR data protection experts Willans Data Protection Services act as EU Representatives and UK Representatives for sports organisations all over the world.

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Many international sporting federations do not have an office or other establishments within the European Union. However, through their regulatory, commercial, educational and broadcast activities they, and their national federations, regularly process vast amounts of personal data on EU data subjects, including sensitive personal data, in connection with monitoring athletes performance, the organisation of youth events, or more recently, in connection with on-site Covid-19 test and trace procedures.

If you are an international sporting federation which falls into this category then the chances are that you will need to appoint an EU Representative under Article 27 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if you do not have your own establishment within the EU and/or the UK.

Willans Data Protection Services can act as your EU Representative in the EU or/and as your UK Representative in the UK.

EU Representative or UK Representative services: what our role involves

As your Sports EU Representative and/or UK Representative our role includes:

holding your Article 30 Records of data processing activity.

acting on your instructions in relation to data protection matters in the EU or UK.

acting as the first port of call for the local supervisory authorities in relation to compliance action.

receiving requests from individual data subjects in connection with their data protection rights.

once a data subject access request is made, we'll assist you in liaising with the data subject, if required.

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We’re legal and data protection experts who offer solutions to sporting federations.

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We can act as your EU Representative within the EU, and as your UK Representative within the UK, if required.

We are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and have offices in the UK and Switzerland.

We have the capability to provide representative services in other EU member states and the UK if the majority of your data subjects are located there.

We can provide foreign language services.

We can assist you in notifying a data breach within 72 hours to all relevant UK and EU supervisory authorities.

Contact us to act as your GDPR representative

We’re legal and data protection experts who offer solutions to sporting federations.

Find out how we can help.

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