Make a data request

If you wish to make a data access request about an organisation which has appointed us as its representative, contact us using the relevant form below.

When filling out your request please let us know what information you seek, however please try not to disclose any personal data about yourself other than your name and contact details (use broad terms rather than giving specific personal details about the information you seek).

Please note, the organisation we represent may need to contact you to verify that it is you and not someone else trying to access your information.

Right to be informed

Request more information or withdraw your previously given consent for processing your personal data

Right to access

Request information on what data is held

Right to rectification

Request your personal data to be modified if you think it is not up-to-date or accurate

Right to erasure

Request your data to be deleted

Right to restriction

Restrict the way an organisation (we represent) uses your personal data

Right to data portability

Request your data in a structured format or if you want it to be provided to another data controller

Right to object

Object to the processing of your personal data

Contact us about something else

If none of the other options fit what you’re looking for, please contact us through this form