Data Protection Officer

Why your organisation needs a Data Protection Officer.

If any of the following apply to you, then the GDPR requires you to appoint a Data Protection Officer:

you are a public authority or body (other than a court of law processing data in relation to its judicial operations)

your core activities involve regular, systematic and large-scale monitoring of data subjects

your core activities consist of the large-scale processing of special categories of data, or data relating to criminal convictions and offences.

If your Data Protection Officer also holds another role within the organisation, that other role cannot involve determining the purposes and means of processing personal data. If it does, a conflict of interest will arise, which will disqualify that person from acting as Data Protection Officer. This may be the case for senior management positions such as chief executive, chief financial officer, head of marketing, head of IT, or head of human resources, and also some other positions further down the hierarchy.

This problem can be avoided by appointing us to act as your external Data Protection Officer.

Appoint us as your
Data Protection Officer

How can we help?

We can act as your organisation’s outsourced Data Protection Officer.

Design, implementation and management of a privacy governance framework

Data protection audits

Data protection impact assessments

Compliance monitoring

Reviewing vendor contracts and consents

Recording of data assets and exports

Data security incident management planning

Handling subject access requests and other requests from individuals

Liaison with supervisory authorities and ensuring appropriate filings

Internal awareness raising, information provision and advice

Staff training.

Why use us?


Just because we are external doesn’t mean we are remote. We pride ourselves on being accessible and on getting to know your organisation inside out.


Our GDPR experts handle queries every day. We are members of the world’s largest information privacy organisation.


Appointing us as your Data Protection Officer avoids any difficulties of conflict of interest with another role held in the organisation.


Pricing to suit your organisation.


The cost would typically be less than employing someone internally as a Data Protection Officer.


We aim to alert you to any enquiries you receive by the same working day.